The Gate House, Dunbeath

The Problem?

Unusual construction with poorly fitted insulation

The Solution!

Create a warm roof and insulate the suspended floor using Icynene

The Difference

A character property which is easier to heat and retains heat for longer...a serious difference


Kishorn Insulations was asked to survey a Gate House in Dunbeath, an unusual building, with difficult roof make up and geometry, including a tower. The house is built into a bank, which gives a cellar under most of the house. Other insulation installers had look at it in the past and told the tenant that nothing could be done to improve the high energy demand of the property. We looking in the loft space and saw the usual sight of ill fitting glass wool insulation, our recommendation was to treat the roof to the underside of the sarking, creating a warm roof, and to insulate under the suspended ground floor to eliminate cold air being drawn up into to living areas of the house.

Following the Winter we asked the tenant how the house was performing and if he could provide a short testimonial-

Regarding the Icynene insulation, it has made a serious difference to this house, it is much easier to heat and it holds its temperature for much longer. During the winter I now have to occasionally open windows to let a little heat out, this is a complete novelty.

"I would highly recommend Icynene and have already done so on many occasions" – William Anderson

At Kishorn Insulations we can greatly improve any property, even when others say nothing can be done