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Efficient, environmentally- friendly insulation for your new or existing home

Insulating your home with Icynene spray foam can improve your property's energy rating, cutting your energy bills in half. The award-winning, eco insulation used exclusively by our experienced team can make your home warmer but also healthier and more comfortable by helping keep out airborne irritants which trigger asthma and allergies, and preventing moisture forming that can lead to mould - whilst also reducing internal and external noise pollution.

The benefits for your home

Save on energy bills

Icynene spray foam insulation can help save on heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. By providing thermal insulation as well as air sealing, it cuts your home’s energy losses.

More Comfortable

Air-sealing your home using Icynene spray foam insulation creates a cocoon effect, increasing the comfort of your home and reduces draughts.

Eco friendly

The Icynene products we use are 100% water blown and contain no HFC’s or HCFC’s which means that there are no harmful gasses which can be released into the air you breathe, unlike other foams


Protect against mold growth - minimizing the flow of random airborne moisture entering your home help you protect against mold growth that may lead to conditions such as asthma and allergies and cause symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing, and coughing

Block pollutants

By air-sealing your home, you can help block pollutants that can affect your health. Reduce dangers of respiratory distress, allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities that can be caused by natural airborne irritants.

Acoustic insulation

Icynene open-cell spray foam can help reduce sound from noisy indoor rooms such as media rooms and laundry rooms, outdoor noises such as traffic and playgrounds, and transferred noise such as flushing toilets.

Speak to us today to discuss energy efficient, eco-friendly insulation solutions for your new build or renovation.

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Insulation for new builds and extensions

High performance spray foam is an extremely effective method for insulating roofs, walls and floors in new build houses or extensions. Our friendly, experienced technical team are happy to talk through your requirements and upon receipt of your plans and elevations can provide you with a competitive quote.

The award-winning Icynene foam used by our spray teams provides a completely airtight solution. It is best installed once the windows have been fitted to ensure the best possible seal. The benefits of optimal installation will last the lifetime of your home, reducing your energy bills for decades to come.

New build artight roof insulation

With heat lost easily through a poorly insulated roof, we recommend opting for airtight insulation to provide the best level of energy efficiency for your new build. Icynene spray foam can be installed far quicker than traditional insulation and offers an exceptionally high level of airtightness - eliminating convected heat loss. To achieve the u-value required by current building regulations, a 150-275mm layer of foam is required.

Homeowner roof insulation
New build wall insulation

Typically, new timber framed houses are built with a 145mm x 45m frame which is filled and trimmed before plasterboard is fitted. However, this often neglects the service zone for cables and structural elements such as cripple studs and lintels. To address this problem and improve the efficiency of your timber frame our technical team recommends installing 45mm x 50mm timber branders so we can install 45mm of insulation over all structural timbers, which greatly improves the performance of your building.

New build floor insulation

For suspended floors, 100-150mm of Icynene spray foam applied to the underside of the floor delivers full airtightness eliminating the draw-in of cold air completely.

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Insulation for renovations

With the cumulative gaps in the roof, walls and floor of a typical modern or traditional house ranging from anywhere from the size of a football to a dustbin lid, it's easy to see why improving your insulation can have a dramatic impact on heat loss and energy usage. Fortunately, our team is highly experienced in retrofitting spray foam insulation to existing homes SO you can enjoy the same benefits enjoyed by those building new energy-efficient homes.

All styles and ages of existing homes can be better insulated and we have heard time and again from customers that the investment in installing Icynene spray foam pays for itself in a couple of years - and keeps delivering cost savings for years to come. Indeed some customers have reported a reduction of over 50% in their annual heating bills after having their whole house treated. For those on a more limited budget we recommend treating the roof first, which will make the most significant difference to the performance of your home.

Currently VAT is zero rated for energy saving measures on existing residential dwellings.

Retrofit roof insulation

Traditional homes usually have open attics - which are straightforward to insulate - or rooms in the roof space with sloping ceilings (coombs) and dormers - which almost always creates a cold house.

We insulate open attics with a nominal 100-150mm of Icynene sprayed on to the underside of the sarking boards and the interior gable walls. This creates a warm roof space and improves the energy performance of your home substantially.

Attic rooms and loft conversions can be more difficult to treat - as traditional insulation has usually not been installed in the coombs - but Icynene can easily be sprayed into these hard to reach areas either from the small attic space above or by making access in the ceiling lining. Vertical walls and dormer windows can also be treated with the removal of selected linings.

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Retrofit floor insulation

In existing houses cold air being drawn in from beneath suspended floors is caused by heat escaping from the roof and walls above. Access-permitting, Icynene insulating foam can be applied directly to the underside of your flooring. Where there is little space under the floor, a sub floor can be installed with Icynene applied where the floor has been lifted.

Retrofit wall insulation

From solid masonry walls with lath and plaster linings to poured concrete, brick cavity, solid block, steel frame, and modern timber frames, there are numerous different methods of wall construction. To assess the suitability of installing Icynene spray foam insulation our technical team will conduct a thorough survey, assessing the wall build, condition and humidity levels to ensure that installing Icynene is the correct measure for your home.

Applying spray foam insulation to modern timber frames is relatively straightforward, requiring existing insulation to be removed. For those with solid masonry walls with lath and plaster linings, our skilled spray team can inject Icynene through 13mm holes drilled in a grid pattern from in the room.

Icynene spray foam will insulate your walls better than any existing insulation, with huge long term financial and environmental benefits, so it is something we recommend to those looking to improve the energy efficiency of an existing property.

Homeowner upgrade help

Help to upgrade your insulation

High performance spray foam is an extremely effective way to improve the energy rating of your home and there are often a number of inventive schemes available to homeowners seeking to make improvements. 

We are proud to be an accredited installer for Home Energy Scotland, which offers one such scheme that provides interest free loans for a range of measures, with a cash back system in place to help you better insulate your home.

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