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Trusted supplier of thermal & acoustic solutions for residential or commercial property

Operating throughout Scotland, Kishorn Insulations is a highly experience, licensed installer of efficient, environmentally-friendly spray foam insulation for homes and commercial buildings.

An overview of our insulation services

We offer a wide range of building insulation services for your home or business. From new builds to historic buildings, steel-framed industrial units to residential renovations, our experienced team can insulate any build using best-in-sector Icynene open or closed cell spray foam.

Because every building is unique we will provide you with a bespoke quote for the most cost-effective and efficient way to insulate your building that you will see the benefit of for decades. Following an initial discussion our surveyor will conduct a site visit - or work from architect's drawings - to provide you with a quote for our experienced spray teams to treat your building.

Choosing safe, environmentally-friendly, award-winning, high performance Icynene spray foam can improve your property's energy rating drastically reduce your energy bills and also create a warmer, healthier, quieter, condensation-controlled environment for your family or business.

Insulation services for new builds

Using high performance Icynene spray foam our team can provide a completely airtight solution for the roofs, walls and floors in your new build house or extension to provide the best level of energy efficiency for your new build.

To eliminate convected heat loss from your roof we can apply a continuous layer of foam between 130-260mm based on the u-value calculations for your building specification.

To improve the efficiency of the walls of your 145mm x 45m frame timber framed house our technical team recommend installing 45mm x 50mm timber branders allowing us to treat your structural timbers with 195mm of open cell spray foam insulation.

For new builds with suspended floors, our spray team can apply 100-130mm of Icynene foam to the underside of the floor to deliver full airtightness.

Insulation solutions for existing buildings

The team at Kishorn Insulations is highly experienced in treating existing homes with spray foam insulation. We can retrofit high performance, efficient insulation solutions to homes of all styles and ages, targeting gaps in the roof, walls and floor that are responsible for draughts and heat loss. Investing in installing Icynene open cell spray foam is an investment in your home that has been reported to reduce energy costs by over half.

Because it is a vital energy saving measure, VAT is zero rated for Icynene installation in your existing home. The investment in a warmer home will pay for itself multiple times over in the lifetime of your property.

Retrofitting roof, wall & floor insulation

Icynene spray foam is superior to any existing insulation so installing this form of insulation will result in massive long term financial and environmental benefits for those looking to improve the energy efficiency of an existing property.

To achieve best results we always recommend customers replace old, missing or failing insulation in their roof, walls and floors. However, there’s no question that the roof is the main issue in cold houses with open attics or attic rooms with sloping ceilings and dormers being the number one offenders.

To address this we can apply a nominal 100-150mm layer of Icynene to the underside of the sarking boards and the interior gable walls which creates a far warmer roof space. Treating attic rooms and loft conversion is more challenging but our experienced team can apply Icynene into hard to reach areas from the attic space above by removing ceiling linings. Walls and dormer windows can easily be treated by removing linings.

Our floor insulation solutions, which can combat cold air being drawn into your home from below, sees us apply Icynene foam directly to the underside of your flooring.

Kishorn Insulations can provide an effective insulation solution no matter the method of wall construction in your home. Whether it is masonry with lath and plaster linings, poured concrete, brick cavity, solid block, steel frame, or modern timber frame, our technical team conducts a Condensation Risk Analysis, to assess the suitability of installing Icynene spray foam insulation.

Where underperforming insulation is present in a modern timber framed house, our team can remove existing material before applying spray foam. Where walls are solid masonry with lath and plaster, our skilled spray team will use a proprietary foam injection method through drilled holes or using delivery tubes from above.

Acoustic building insulation

Noise pollution can be a real issue in existing and new build homes with sound typically traveling through buildings via air or the fabric of the structure. To stop airborne noise pollution we use an Icynene spray foam insulation solution, with its famed air sealing properties, while for sound transferred through the building itself we use supplemental measures such as sound resilient mountings, doors and windows.

For new builds we are able to achieve a calm, cocoon-like effect in your home by insulating waste and water pipes, bedrooms, kitchens and exterior walls near busy roads. Indeed, clients regularly ask us to apply spray foam insulation when creating home offices, guest suites, cinemas, music rooms, playrooms and recording studios. Our team have also been asked to acoustically insulate buildings as diverse as airports and wind turbines.

Our services expert advice

Expert insulation advice & training

Kishorn Insulations can assist you in maintaining, improving and broadening your knowledge and skills in designing, specifying and delivering energy efficient buildings. Our experienced team provides expert advice, education and training support in both Control of Air Leakage and Moisture Vapour Transmission, which are key issues in insulating buildings.

Kishorn Insulations consultants are available on request to deliver seminars to clients, contractors and building owners explaining how high levels of air tightness and reduced cold bridging can be achieved, simply and effectively.


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