Controlling Sound Leakage with Icynene

Sound travels through buildings via the air within the building or the building fabric itself - or sometimes both. People talking in an adjacent room, or outside, our upstairs, or loud music for example is sound being carried through the air, so basically if you stop the air leakage you reduce the sound transmission through that air, Icynene has excellent air sealing properties and therefore reduces air borne sound. When a door is slammed, or people walk on hard floors with hard heeled shoes, or a DIYer is putting shelves up next door, then this sound is transferred through the building fabric itself  - this is a much harder problem to solve. Some form of disconnection with the building fabric is required to help reduce this sound, Icynene can help in this process, but other measures are required as well. We can help with noise problems, and can help point you in the direction of our suppliers who are expert in this field for items such as sound resilient mountings, doors and windows etc.

Icynene is used extensively as an acoustic insulation for the construction of home cinemas, music rooms, playrooms and recording studios. Wind turbines have also been successfully treated. It has also been used to sound insulate an airport interview room, but we did not ask too many questions about that one.

If you are building a new house, consideration should be given to insulating soil waste pipes, so you do not hear toilets being flushed; insulate teenager’s bed rooms if you do not like their choice of music, insulate exterior walls facing noisy main roads. As with insulating to keep all the heat in, now is the time to get the acoustic insulation right as well, we can help with guidance in this area.

For those technically minded of you out there have a look at the downloads, they have all the facts and figures. One thing to bear in mind is that you are aiming for sound reduction to a level which is agreeable to you, not complete sound proofing which is very costly and difficult, if not impossible to achieve.

ICYNENE® open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation products. Ideal for homes and commercial buildings - insulate and air seal in one step. Our spray foam insulation is guaranteed to perform as specified for the life of your home or commercial building. 


ICYNENE® open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation products both insulate and air seal homes and commercial buildings in one step.


ICYNENE® spray foam insulation provides an air barrier and helps protect against the introduction of pollutants, dust, mould, carbon monoxide, and pollen.


ICYNENE® has a global warming index of 1 – the lowest in its class. Making a healthy environment for the buildings occupants.


The ICYNENE® insulation system is the most accredited insulation available with worldwide acknowledgement of its exceptional performance.

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