Retrofit Roof Insulation

Traditional homes tend to have roof spaces of either (a) open attics or (b) room in roof. 

We’ll deal with (a) open attics first, this is where there are no rooms in the roof and no coombs (sections of sloping ceilings) within the rooms. These roofs are straight forward to treat effectively...a nominal 100 –150mm of Icynene can be sprayed on to the underside of the sarking boards and over the gable walls within the roof space, creating a warm roof, this can be left as sprayed and un trimmed as it within the attic space and the area only used for storage.  

Now (b) rooms in roofs are much more varied, but these will always have a coombed ceiling (sloping ceiling) within the upstairs rooms, and may also have an area of roof behind the vertical walls upstairs, and a small attic space. This type of roof is nearly always causes a cold house, as traditional insulations cannot be installed in the coombs. We can install Icynene into the coomb areas; this is usually achieved by injecting down from the attic space above, or from drilling holes in the coombs and injecting through these holes. We also need to gain access behind the vertical wall in the upstairs rooms; each home is different, but generally linings may have to be removed in these areas to get access. These types of roofs often have dormer windows which are very cold areas, to treat these effectively some of the internal lining will need to be removed. 

As you can see it is difficult to give a rate which covers all scenarios so it's always advisable to phone us in the first instance to discuss what might be suitable, and then to arrange a site visit to allow us to get accurate measurements and discuss what level of access we will require. 

You can also leave us your project details on our Contact page and we'll be in touch.

ICYNENE® open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation products. Ideal for homes and commercial buildings - insulate and air seal in one step. Our spray foam insulation is guaranteed to perform as specified for the life of your home or commercial building. 


ICYNENE® open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation products both insulate and air seal homes and commercial buildings in one step.


ICYNENE® spray foam insulation provides an air barrier and helps protect against the introduction of pollutants, dust, mould, carbon monoxide, and pollen.


ICYNENE® has a global warming index of 1 – the lowest in its class. Making a healthy environment for the buildings occupants.


The ICYNENE® insulation system is the most accredited insulation available with worldwide acknowledgement of its exceptional performance.

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